Semi-automatic Scouring-Brushing machine W. 200 mm

The combination of scouring unit with the brushing unit with 3 motorized brushes and independent, enables the optimum scouring of rubber strips of any thickness and the subsequent cleaning.

The product thus worked is ready for the next bonding.

The machine must be equipped with a dust extraction system with power of 4 hp, 2500 cubic meters of air flow and a negative pressure of 150÷200 mm/H2O.

The X2-NT-LS is equipped with the most modern technical devices to enable use extremely flexible with a high production capacity. The progress of work is in fact standard of 15÷20 mt/min.

The main features are:

     Power sanding: 4 HP (3kW)
     Sand paper electronically variable speed from 0 to 4500 rpm 
     Width of scouring 200 mm
     Pressure grinding variable pneumatically
     progress of work continuously variable from 0 to 25 mt/min
     No. 3 cleaning brushes with independent adjusting
     electronically variable speed brushes
     feed of brushing, continuous variable.

x2-nt-ls-it x2-nt-ls-it [249 Kb]