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Center robotic super finishing toe-ends 

A technologically advanced solution to the service quality even in the hidden components of the shoe: the toe-ends. Critical component that if not realized to perfection can seriously affect the aesthetic result and comfort of any shoe.

The line is composed of 3 units governed by a central computer:

     units of automatic loading X2-C
     grinding units X2-NT
     collection units and automatic counting X2-R

The line operates automatically and without the constant presence of the operator. The operator is responsible for loading the table of the magazine and unload the table of the collector final. An operator can handle up to 3 lines at a time with considerable autonomy, about 25 min.

Any function and machine parameter is managed automatically by the program stored in the computer.

The hourly production goes from 1000 to 1500 pairs, in relation to the size and material.

X2-LP-01-IT X2-LP-01-IT [404 Kb]