The X2-FE-RC is the most complete and efficient Garfas solution  for manufacturers of technical mountain footwear: boots, trekking, free climbing.

It 'a manufacturer of footwear sector, with its clever idea, Garfas allows the machines to achieve a combination of different technologies from which flows a fully automatic system, high-performance for grinding rubber strips, thin, soft, of any shape and abrasion resistant.Fundamental part of the system is the automatic collector that synchronize with the carrier of the components, performs the perfect collection and stacking respecting the working speed of the whole line.

When the passion for their work joins with today's technologies, a complex and sensitive area of the sanding bands for hiking boots, it becomes easy and not stressful.

                                                           X2-FE-CR: small genius for a better job.

The operations that are performed automatically are:

automatic acquisition component length (incoming)


detection in real time of the thickness of the component

elimination of sanding dust with 3 brushes

automatic acquisition component length (outgoing)

collection with automatic stacking of components clean

component counting

creation of a final package with the number of components desired.

The performances are excellent: 1 operator produces 20% in more than two operators, necessary with other types of semi-automatic or manual Garfas machines .